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Our Company

Rockland System Solutions Inc. is focused on delivering high quality, innovative, and effective business solutions in the public and private sectors. We are specialized in Financial/ERP Systems, Business Intelligence, Project Management services, and Data Warehouse Solutions.

Rocklandís entire culture is founded on a commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to our customers. Our customers have often turned to us to deliver and execute on very complex and difficult projects with very aggressive timeframes because of a business imperative or critical need. We are focused on meeting our customerís business priorities and needs first and foremost. We lay out the facts, risks, and issues clearly so that our Executive Sponsors are always making informed decisions and choices thus creating the opportunity for a trusted advisory role with our customers. We measure our service and delivery success in the following ways:

  • The repeatability of our engagements.
  • The degree to which we achieve the business objectives of our projects.
  • The level of Executive support and engagement and referrals that we receive.


Our Value Proposition

  • Customer focused.
  • Shared Services Delivery Expertise.
  • Innovative High Quality Integrated Solutions.
  • Proven Track Record with a Team of Senior Implementation Specialists.
  • Use of proven methodologies and best practices.