Data Warehouse Solutions

Data Warehouse Solutions

Rockland team has been responsible for development, deployment, and technology management for most of the largest data warehousing projects in the province of BC. We have proven experience and a strong customer service and performance record, which sets us apart from other vendors who focus solely on application development.

Since our inception in 2001 we have been focused on providing world-class business intelligence consulting services to our clients. The scope of our involvement may vary from a single BI specialist to an entire project team delivering a full lifecycle solution. However, our commitment to helping companies deliver the right information to the right people at the right time remains a constant.

Rockland understands that each client faces unique challenges with data integration, data quality, information privacy and security, reporting and analysis requirements. We have helped variety of clients in a wide spectrum of industries including health, shared services, financials and education.

We will work closely with your organization to deliver solution that meets your unique business requirements while leveraging industry best practices and past project experiences.

Our agile methodology is founded on the need to deliver quick wins to prove solution viability and value. We recognize that in today's economy clients don't have time or money for failed BI initiatives. Our solutions are right-sized, predictable to budget and whenever possible leverage existing software and infrastructure. We recognize the importance of future sustainability and at the same time the ability to grow with the business.

Let us help you with your business intelligence and data warehousing needs.